‘Pure’ Flavorless Tincture (500mg CBD)




The ‘Pure’ Flavorless tincture is a customer favorite! It is designed for those that want the benefits of a CBD tincture with virtually zero flavoring. Medicinal Benefits: Anti-anxiety Anti-oxidant Anti-inflammatory & Arthritis Non-psychoactive Neuroprotective Agent Maximum endocannabinoid system boost Consumption: We recommend 5-10mg doses, 2-3 times per day sublingual use (under the tongue) or mix straight into foods where oils are typically used (salads, juices, marinades etc.).

2 reviews for ‘Pure’ Flavorless Tincture (500mg CBD)

  1. mark

    I had 4 grams of Pure Kush this weekend and it is some of the best stuff I have ever smoked. It’s so sticky, smells dank, taste so beautiful and gives you such an amazing high. It relaxes you so much but it is a controllable high where you still want to talk and interact with people. I smoked 5 joints of Pure Kush yesterday at the rebelution concert and It made me happy and made me want to dance and hang with people. Pure Kush makes you really hungry. After I smoked 3 joints I got really hungry. I put down a two pound burrito by myself. Then after I smoked the other 2 joints I put down a 2 pound bowl of noodles. If you want a really nice tasting bud that will make you relaxed,happy,hungry and talkative then this is the bud for you. I’d give it a 10 out of 10

  2. morna12

    This is the Mike Tyson of strains. It just punches you right in the face and says, “Stay the fuck down! You ain’t goin’ nowhere anymore. And wipe that stoney, zoned-out look off your face! Yea, I know you had a plan to eat. Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the face. Aww, you’re hungry? Well, you should have grabbed some food before you started, dude. Now, you’re just gonna have to sit there and think about it. Wondering how good that food would be. Wondering how do I get up with Mike Tyson here. Wondering why Mike Tyson is even in your house in the first place. And basically wondering what the hell is even going on, because you can’t focus on anything. And now your eyelids get heavy and your conscience starts to fade, because, you know, that’s what happens when you get punched in the face by Mike Tyson! Now, sleep, little stoner. Drift off into the peaceful bliss of unconsciousness.”

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